Jonathan Bardet

After almost 10 years within consulting company and major industry clients, I started in 2022 as a freelance. Over these 10 years, I build a strong expertise in data management and architecture (as an enterprise or solution point of view).

What I Do

Data management

I build over the last 10 years a strong expertise in data management: governance, intelligence and, of course, integration in which I'm recognize by my peers.

Cloud technologies

I'm used to work with several cloud services and technologies. From SaaS solution to major cloud provider. Currently on a certification path for AWS.


My capability to quickly understand any context and adapt to it will allow me to help built a strong, reliable and efficient architecture for your new solution, domain or enterprise wide.


No matter the functional domain or technical scope, I'll adapt myself to your environment (from any legacy system or process to modern stack).

Employers & clients